Jun 21 2012

Call for Thematic Entries

AUGUST 15, 2012 – $12500 in Awards

Be the Eco Solution! We are looking for artistic interpretations of the Ecology theme! The creative urge that pulls could be a significant part of the Eco Solution. Your intuition could be the key that triggers a chain reaction of wider understanding. Ecology is not a trend, and artists have a vital role to play in terms of elevating the topic above a political or scientific debate. Don’t we need clean air, water and healthy soil to live? As an artist ‘YOU’ can become a significant part of the ‘Ecolution’ through your ability to inspire! And … YOU can WIN $2,000, for the Grand Prize! $1,000 – 1st place in six creative mediums $ 500 – 2nd place in six creative mediums $ 250 – 3rd place in six creative mediums The six creative categories we feature are: Fine Art, Photography, Repurposed Materials in Art & Design, Literature, Songwriting and Short Videos. We have detailed information about each of these categories via the home page of EcoArtsAwards.com. Visit the jurors page on our website, and be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter! We announce our winners via our newsletter first, as well as offer other valuable information. Entry deadline is Aug.15th, 2012. We will allow at least thirty days grace after that deadline to complete your work, if you have paid the entry fee of thirty dollars and submitted the entry form by our deadline date of August 15th, 2012 ~ We Will Be Announcing Winners in January, 2013 ~ .

For More Information: http://www.theartlist.com/art-calls/call-for-thematic-entries-

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