Mar 16 2012

Copying Masterpieces at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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FROM APRIL 06, 2012 TO MAY 25, 2012

Leonid GervitsCopying Masterpieces at The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Theory and Technique8 Fridays: 4/6, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 5/2511:30– 3:00 pm Fee: $760 (includes fee for the Met) Instructor present each dayEnrollment limited to 11 studentsThis is an oil painting workshop that will teach old master techniques, through hands-on study and application next to each student’s selected masterpiece.Interested applicants must request an application form in person or by emailing anki@artstudentsleague.org.Only one student is allowed per room, and early applicants are given priority regarding work selection. (The sooner you apply, the greater the chances that you will get the work you wish to copy!) Based on applicant’s prior experience, the instructor may make additional suggestions of work to copy. Once the work to copy has been approved, Anki will contact each selected student to register. Students are expected to research their selected work, including the artist and the technique of the time. The instructor will further introduce the topic, and suggest literature with concern to the selected art piece.Leonid Gervits belongs to the European/Russian realist tradition of painting and drawing. In 1966, he graduated from the Odessa Art College; and in 1973, he received an MFA from Repin Academy, where he later worked as a professor for sixteen years. Mr. Gervits moved to the United States in 1991, working as an instructor at the New York Academy from 1992 to 2000. He has been an instructor at the Art Students League since 1997.

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