Jan 27 2012

Art Call for Artists Worldwide


Modern Art Etc. is a new Los Angeles based curated online art gallery and we announce a call to all artists worldwide, for submission of original art work for sale on our gallery which we are currently curating. Our selected artists should be exhibited before, since we are expending considerable resource in further advertising and publicity on your behalf. We reach our target sophisticated collector base and trade (film, interior designers, etc.) through targeted trade magazine advertising or direct public relations and online campaign. We will actively promote you and you will receive direct and indirect publicity through: i) our advertising campaigns in leading publications, featuring our website and selected works, ii) printed inclusion in a catalogue featuring your work, which will be sent to collectors, corporate art directors and other galleries / art buyers. We currently bear full publicity costs for your benefit.— Artists are invited to provide submissions in 1 or more of 6 media: oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, illustration & graphic design.— Digital image submissions should be sent to: portfolio@modernartetc.com only, for our preliminary assessment.

For More Information: http://www.theartlist.com/art-calls/art-call-for-artists-worldwide

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