Feb 28 2011

DINNER: National Competition for Photographs & Photo-Based Artwork

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DINNER is part of our daily lives. Whether we celebrate it or just tolerate it, we can’t do without it. We plan greatly for it, or grin and bear it. It’s a ritual, whether eating on the run or at the dinner table, alone or with friends and family. We romance and socialize around it, worry about it, prepare for it, dread it, or try to ignore it. We study recipes, look through fancy restaurant windows in envy, are hungry for the next DINNER, wonder if we can afford it.We want to see your photos of your DINNER (and/or others) and what you do when you are there. Whether your photographs are of a person eating a piece of pizza on the subway, a Thanksgiving or Passover feast, or a lonely individual at a diner, we are interested. No DINNER is out of bounds.

For more information: http://www.theartlist.com/opportunities_details.php?id=9108

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